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Monitoring of green sea turtle nesting sites
In Tetiaroa, our teams are still on site working on the scientific study on green sea turtle nesting sites. The laying season is nearly finished and the last female laid its eggs late March. The incubation time being approximately 2 months, the hatchlings should get out of the nest at the end of May. In the video below, you can see our Tetiaroa teams in action. Beaches surveillance for traces of females, protection of nests and set up of thermologgers to control the temperature, identification of females, assistance to hatchlings when necessary... All this tasks are carried our by our marine biologist and our volunteers. Since 2007, start of the scientific study, it is estimated that about 200,000 hatchlings were born on Tetiaroa. * The scientific study on green sea turtle nesting sites is authorized and supported by the Direction of the Environment of French Polynesia Musique : Veroarii
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