Good Practices | The Explorers

Welcome to The Explorers. We’re delighted to count you as one of our future contributors. Following these guidelines will let you explore in the best possible conditions and boost your chances of being published on our apps and in our newsletters:

The pictures must be original.

The Explorers does not accept composite pictures. By recomposed we mean pictures created from several others. The only exception is a "before/after" picture, as long as it does not contain too much framing.

The content must be of good quality.

A standard landscape picture must be at least five megapixels, which has a resolution of 2500 x 2000 pixels.

A video in 16/9 format ratio must be at least 720p, which has a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels.

The media must not be over-edited.

We do not accept over-edited media. By over-edited media we mean pictures or videos with a frame (edges), graphics (logo, clipart, etc.) or text (watermarks), original colours that are altered too much (saturation, brightness, etc.), transition effects that are too harsh or repetitive or the appearance of a brand name.

The only exceptions are black and white and sepia pictures, as long as they follow the other guidelines. We can also accept the author’s signature in the corner of a picture or video, if it is discrete and complies with the other guidelines.

Respect for the dignity of humans and animals.

The Explorers aims to create an inventory of the planet accessible to people of all ages. We do not accept images that are violent or demeaning, appear illicit to us, degrade human dignity, or show violence against animals, etc.
The Explorers reserves the right to report such content to the competent authorities.

content that may offend the sensitivity of certain persons (e.g. cruelty of wildlife, nudity of indigenous peoples, etc.) must be reported by ticking the "sensitive content" box at the time of posting. Only users over 15 years old who have an account will be able to view sensitive content.

Author’s rights.

By posting on The Explorers, you confirm that your content does not infringe upon the rights of a third party, in particular intellectual property rights (especially brand, copyright, models), the rights of persons (notably slander, insults, belittling, bullying, etc.), privacy (including the right to the image), public order and morality (notably justification of crimes against humanity, incitement of racial hatred, violation of human dignity, violence against animals, violent or degrading images, etc.) and, more generally, the applicable regulations in force and the customary rules of politeness and courtesy. See our general terms of use to find out more.

If you have any questions about the guidelines, please feel free to e-mail us at

The Explorers’ philosophy

We want everyone who uses our apps to feel safe and welcome so that they can enjoy our planet’s wonders and be as inspired by them as we are. Our planet is unique. Let’s protect it!

Content moderation.

We approve all content before publication to offer you the best possible quality of service. If your content has been rejected, please feel free to contact The Explorers’ team by e-mail at any time

Behaviour in the community.

Please remain polite and respectful when contacting another Explorers user. Never disclose your personal data. If you notice any rude, disrespectful or illegal behaviour, report the user via the website’s "report this user” link or e-mail us at

Environmental conditions.

Please respect biodiversity. It’s not worth moving a nest or coral, trampling on wildflowers or flying a drone over wildlife just to get a few "likes".

The Explorers Foundation ( works with conservation groups to identify photos or videos that infringe upon the community’s rules and takes the necessary steps.