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Perlas Ng Silangan
Natural rock formation located on Cadlao lagoon Island here in the Philippines where you will be enchanted by the angling beauty of such a place and habitat of wild animals, crystal clear water and gentle breeze that takes you to ibuturan. You can say that the place is beautiful and can be proud of the forests that look like virgins and marine resources that will surely be enjoyed especially by those who love diving in the ocean. rich in marine resources such as coral reefs habitat of fish and fine sand made for guests who want to soak their feet, I also experienced kayaking here to see more of the beauty of the place and you will definitely be more fascinated by our beauty. not only in the rich place people who are good to get along especially in guests and proud food that is cheap and fresh. so what are you waiting for, come visit here in Palawan to see the beauty of the place.
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