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Okely, the green sea turtle wounded by an arrow in the head last April is doing better!
Okely is now able to swim in the pool, dive and come to the surface to take a breath. It has not fully recovered because it still can not feed itself but it shows significant signs of improvement. Our teams take turns every day for its rehabilitation and to monitor it closely, especially during its first moments in the water when Okely gets agitated and sometimes still turns on its shell. Once soothed, however, it can remain in the waterl for a few hours. We then transfer it to the treatment room to rest and receive the necessary care. Okely overcame a lot of hardships! It was found during Easter weekend floating in the Moorea lagoon, without no movement and with severe speargun injuries in the head and neck. It had very serious neurological disorders and was in critical condition. We will make sure to keep you informed of its evolution!
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