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Well fed Leopard in South Africa
Did you know that Leopards are opportunistic hunters and not too fussy about what they eat? Carnivorous as they are, about 90 different species have been identified on their menu, depending on what is available. From snakes, to fish, to beetles, to lizards, and birds but mostly medium-sized antelopes such as impalas are being caught and eaten by these impressive hunters. Leopards live solitary and have to eat fast after hunting their prey as there are often lions or hyenas around who don’t mind stealing their kill. Therefore leopards drag up their prey (up to 3 times their own weight!) into a large tree so that they can feed quietly on it. This leopard dragged an impala up into the tree and fed for a while, you can see her belly being quite big. One impala provided enough food for 2-3 days. The leopard was about to doze off here... how beautiful! On our website we dedicated a whole article to this wonderful and mysterious animal. Have you ever spotted a leopard in the wild?
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