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Varied diet and occupation of space
Hummingbirds often favor moderately wooded habitats that are more open and dotted with bushes over thick rainforests that don't always have the right flowers for them. These birds, which often nest less than 16 ft (5 m) above the ground, do not adapt well to very tall trees. Depending on the species, they have various ways of feeding and occupying space. Some are rather territorial and exploit plants with flowers very rich in nectar on restricted territories they fiercely defend. Others, rather trappers, cover a larger area in search of less melliferous flowers. As for generalist hummingbirds, they are not satisfied with the nectar of the flowers only but also suck the juice of the fruits, capture insects in flight, or plunder spider webs. Their beak, adapted to their diet, is thin, long, and pointed enough to suck nectar, collect fruit juice, or hunt insects. When it turns out to be too short, some hummingbirds use it to pierce the base of long flower corollas.
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