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A local and varied agricultural production
The Lasotè association for agricultural mutual aid works to transmit a wide range of knowledge around intangible rural heritage, in particular by offering many activities related to the promotion of family crafts (Creole sweets and liqueurs, bamboo brushes and baskets, bakoua weaving, casting net fishing, etc.). Champion of a collective, healthy, and sustainable agriculture, it also works on the combination of several plant varieties with the aim of reducing the use of phytosanitary products. On the land allocated by the municipalities that support it, it plows and plants pumpkins, carrots, turnips, cucumbers, tomatoes, headed cabbage, green beans, eggplant, peppers, potatoes, garlic, etc. The harvests are tasted during the festive meals (Bélè moments) of the various Lasotè and events set up or sold on the association's site in the form of baskets of fruit and vegetables or processed products (fruit juice, cassava flour, herb alcohol, coconut water, etc.).
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