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An air of Christmas crèche
The village of Moustiers-Sainte-Marie is nestled in a rocky environment of limestone tuff and dominated by the small chapel of Notre-Dame de Beauvoir. The mountainous locality, topped with its golden star adorning the chain connecting its rocky peaks, is often compared to a nativity scene. The current star has been shining above Moustiers since 1957, but the first mention of the "star of Moustier" dates back to 1636, when it appeared in the writings of priest Simon Bartel. If no less than 17 versions explain the star's origin, the current one was made in nickel silver by Aimé Bourjac, the last blacksmith in the village, from a drawing by mayor Marcel Courbon. The star has 5 points, measures 3.7 ft (1.15 m), and was gilded with fine gold in 1995.
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