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An initially controversial project
The keep of the citadel of Saint-Tropez originated in the mind of Raymond de Bonnefons, a military engineer born around 1545 and dead in 1607. Responsible for Dauphiné and Provence for King Henry IV of France, he was in charge of strengthening and modernizing the fortifications from Antibes to Martigues. In September 1602, Raymond de Bonnefons signed a contract for the construction of the central tower of the current citadel of Saint-Tropez, causing the turmoil of the Tropéziens opposed to such project. Reassured by Sully, who claimed that the King had no intention of building a citadel in Saint-Topez, preferring the heart and goodwill of his subjects to all kinds of fortresses, the inhabitants subsequently assisted powerless to the construction of an enclosure around the tower.
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