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A Strombolian-type islet covered with vegetation
Chevalier islet - sometimes nicknamed Lézards islet - is a small uninhabited island of 17 acres (7 ha) located near Rat islet in the Atlantic Ocean, on the eastern coast of the Sainte-Anne peninsula in Martinique. Some 1,640 ft (500 m) off Cap Chevalier, the islet is protected by a coral reef and easily accessible in a few minutes by sea shuttle. The rocky relief of this ancient small Strombolian-type volcano rises to 78 ft (24 m). It is covered with xerophilous vegetation composed of shrubs, manchineels, cacti, and some imposing coconut palms. Paths not exceeding 0.6 mile (1 km) make it possible to go around the island whose length equals its width and to cross it in its center. In order to protect the fauna and flora present on Chevalier islet, no visitor is authorized to access it after 4 p.m. nor to stay there beyond 6 p.m.
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