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A natural ecosystem crucial to Qatar
The 350 miles (563 km) of Qatari coastline is bordered on its north-eastern side by some 7.72 mi² (20 km²) of lush mangroves. This natural ecosystem is of crucial importance to the country, as scientists have established that artificially planted mangroves do not have the same biodiversity as natural mangroves. The grey mangroves trees (Avicennia marina) in the Qatari mangrove produce oxygen, capture CO2 and support important land and sea wildlife. The Friends of the Environment Centre (FEC), a Qatari NGO founded in 1992, works to preserve and regenerate the mangroves of Al Thakhira Nature Reserve (photo) and Bin Ghannam Island. In the interests of sustainability, it organises specific workshops in situ to raise awareness of environmental protection.
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