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A Martinican freestyle champion
Mickael Neral is a French professional kitesurfer born in Martinique on January 24, 1981. This old-school and new-school freestyle champion claims his attachment to his island, where he trains on the spot of Pointe Faula. The most spectacular and photogenic discipline of kitesurfing, freestyle is aimed at confirmed kitesurfers who can develop their artistic fiber. They indeed perform free figures during vertiginous jumps made possible thanks to their wing. In competition, these figures (Backloop, Railey, S-Bend Pass, Darkslide, Bel Air, Jibe Strapless, Blind Judge, etc.) - some of which are classics common to other sliding sports - must be carried out within the allocated time. The rider generally practices his favorite figures with the wing in a high position called old school, while one speaks of new school when it is in a low position.
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