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The seat of the former diocese of Carpentras
Dedicated to Saint Siffrein (or Siffredus) of Carpentras, a former monk of the Saint-Honorat abbey of Lérins who became Bishop of Carpentras, Saint-Siffrein Cathedral was the seat of the former diocese of Carpentras until its suppression during the Concordat of 1801 and its integration into the diocese of Avignon. Its architecture is typical of southern Gothic style, and the square plan of its bay imposed a squat and heavy nave. The classical facade of the monument was added in the 17th century. The current neo-Gothic style bell tower inspired by that of the Saint-Martial church of Avignon is 190 ft (58 m) high and was built between 1899 and 1902. On the south side, the cathedral is flanked by five chapels that face their six counterparts of the north side.
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