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The Pacific Chapelon
A prestigious model of steam locomotive, the 231 Pacific no.3.1192 Chapelon Nord, is presented at the Cité du Train-Patrimoine SNCF in Mulhouse. In 1929, André Chapelon ordered the conversion of a Pacific type locomotive. Power output increased from 2,000 HP (1,470 kW) to 3,100 HP (2,280 kW), with significant savings: 30% less water and 20% less coal. In the 1930s, these Pacific locomotives had their heyday at the head of the Compagnie des chemins de fer du Nord’s big fast trains such as the Flèche d’Or (Golden Arrow) and the Etoile du Nord (North Star). They finished their career on the Amiens-Calais line in 1967.
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