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The largest marina in Europe
Port Vauban in Antibes is famous for its exceptional location on the site of the antique port of Antipolis but also for being one of the few ports to have a quay capable of accommodating yachts over 328 ft (100 m) in length. The largest marina in Europe, Port Vauban has a total of 1,642 mooring rings, nineteen of which are reserved for massive yachts, with tonnages ranging from 229 to over 541 ft (70 to 165 m). They moor on the Quai Camille Rayon, built in 1986 and nicknamed Quai des Milliardaires (Billionaires' quay). Yachting is an old tradition in Antibes, where the first mention of the registration of a yacht dates back to 1862.
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