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The hydraulic dams of Valcros
The municipality of La Londe-les-Maures has two hydraulic dams built in 1970 on the Malaverne river, which crosses its territory for nearly 7.8 mi (12.7 km). The Valcros A dam is 213 ft (65 m) long and 49 ft (15 m) high. Typical of the vault type, it extends at an altitude of 462 ft (141 m) and retains a volume of water of 75 000 m³ over 3.2 acres of surface (1.30 ha). The Valcros D dam, on the other hand, is 459 ft (140 m) long and 52 ft (16 m) high. Constructed in the weight type, it is located at an altitude of 265 ft (81 m) and has a capacity of 170 000 m³ of water over an area of 11.3 acres (4.6 ha). Both dams serve to regulate the floodings of the river and contribute to the irrigation and water supply of La Londe-les-Maures.
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