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Relief and vegetation of Port-Cros Island
The island of Port-Cros is located at the entrance to the bay of Hyères. It extends east of the island of Porquerolles and west of the island of Le Levant, from which it is only 0.6 mi (1.1 km) apart. 2.6 mi (4.2 km) long and up to 1.4 mi (2.4 km) wide, Port-Cros covers a total area of 4.3 sqm (7 km²). Relatively mountainous, the island culminates at 652 ft (199 m) at the Montagne du Fortin de la Vigie. It also comprises several hills that exceed 328 ft (100 m), such as Mont Vinaigre (636 ft / 194 m), Grande Garde (606 ft / 185 m), or Mont de la Galère (469 ft / 143 m). The island of Port-Cros is irrigated by several sources and a river, in the Vallon de la Solitude, which explains the abundance of its vegetation.
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