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To monitor the desert and the coast
Zekreet Fort, partially visible in this aerial photograph, is located at the southern end of Zekreet Bay, which borders the small peninsula near the city of Dukhan (Qatar) on the Bahrain Gulf. The site includes the ruins of two built structures, a fort and a ‘madabi’ (date press), as well as traces of an intermediate camp area. The ensemble occupies an area of 59,055 ft² or 18,000 m² (656 ft or 200 m by 295 ft or 90 m). The quadrangular fort measures approximately 164 ft (50 m) on each side and has three circular towers and one rectangular tower (added later). The unsophisticated techniques used in its construction show that the fortified building was not a truly defensive structure. It was more a place to keep an eye on the surrounding desert – such as the Ras Abrouk peninsula with its creeks suitable for dhows – and on movements at sea (passage of merchant ships and pirates).
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