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Piranga rubra hembra
The migratory red tanaphore ("Piranga rubra") is a species of bird in the Cardinalidae family (although some sources place its genus, Piranga in Thraupidae). Adult individuals measure between 17 and 19 cm and there is a marked sexual dimorphism. Females have pale gray beaks, are of olive plumage in the dorsal region and dark yellow in the ventral parts; unlike P. olivacea, the wings are lighter. In summer, they inhabit oak forests and gallery forests in the central and southern United States and northern Mexico. In autumn they migrate south, and invest from central and southern Mexico, in Central America, and in northwestern South America (to Peru and western Brazil), where they itreenhabit mainly rainforests. They feed on insects, small fruits, and tropical fruits. They build a bowl-shaped nest on horizontal branches of medium- and tall trees.
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