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New arrests in Tsimanampesotse National Park
Located 150 km South of Ifaty Tortoises Village, in Madagascar, the Tsimanampesotse National Park is managed by Madagascar National Parks Service. Patrols of National Parks officers made it possible to arrest four other traffickers, caught poaching on radiated tortoises, inside the protected area. The Ifaty Village especially welcomes seizures from illegal trafficking of this protected and emblematic species. SOPTOM teams and its partner organization ASE, who both have worked together for several years with the Park team, warmly congratulated the National Park officers, but also the villagers and local authorities for their contribution to the protection of radiated tortoises and of the natural heritage. SOPTOM and ASE rejoice at the decision of the Park to increase patrols on sensitive areas and to involve villagers in the monitoring of the protected area… in the expectation that the constraints linked to the pandemic allow to continue to prepare the reintroduction of the tortoises microchipped in 2019.
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