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Mosca Chrysomya megacephala
Chrysomya megacephala, more commonly known as the eastern latrine fly, is a member of the family Calliphoridae. It is a warm climate fly with a blue-green box-like metallic body. The fly infests corpses shortly after death, making it important for forensic science. The species of these genera are of medium to large size and complete their cycle on carcasses, excrement and organic matter of animal origin. That is why they are part of the cadaverine fauna. Regarding Chrysomya, there are two species in the eastern peninsular where it lives: C. albiceps and C. megacephala. The second is differentiated by the darker color of the anterior spiracle, by the reddish color of the pilosity of the cheeks and by the larger size of its head in relation to its body. It measures around 10-12 mm in length and has a metallic green coloration. It highlights the dark green color of the end of the terguitas of the abdomen, which gives a ringed appearance. It is expanding. It is more abundant in Asia than in Europe. Internationalization has introduced it in America.
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