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Monts Dore, the Alps lookalike
Composed of the volcanic massifs of Sancy, Banne d’Ordanche, Aiguiller and adventitious, the Monts Dore culminate at 6,187 feet (1,886 metres) at Puy de Sancy (photo). With its alpine profile and sharp peaks, Puy de Sancy is the highest summit of the Massif Central. Divided by passes of glacial origin (Guéry, Croix-Morand and Croix-Saint-Robert), the Monts Dore are dotted with lakes of volcanic or glacial origin that disappear under ice and snow in winter. The massif has two National Nature Reserves: Chastreix Sancy and Chaudefour Valley, and it is part of the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Nature Park.
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