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"Marrons" and "châtaignes"
The village of Collobrières, in the Var department, is considered the capital of chestnuts. As such, it has numerous "castanéiculteurs", farmers specializing in chestnut trees, able to explain the subtle difference between the terms "châtaigne" and "marron" used in French to designate what seems to be the same fruit. All chestnut trees produce both "châtaignes" and "marrons" in greater or lesser proportion and of more or less large size, depending on the variety. "Châtaignes" are partitioned fruits, divided by a thin skin called "tan" while "marrons" remain whole when peeled. The chestnut trees are hence considered to produce "châtaignes" when the proportion of partitioned fruits exceeds 12% and "marrons" otherwise.
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