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Funerary monuments in the Dôme
In addition to Napoleon I, his son and his two brothers are buried at Les Invalides. Before them, the first tomb placed under the Dôme, in 1800, was that of Marshal Turenne. Napoleon also had the urn containing the heart of Vauban, the military architect of Louis XIV, transferred to the Invalides. In 1847, it was the turn of the ashes of Marshals Duroc and Bertrand to be installed under the Dôme. After 1945, the necropolis welcomed Marshals Leclerc and Juin, as well as, in 1961, Marshal Lyautey, the most famous French colonial officer. On 2 December 2021, the remains of General Gudin, who died in Russia in 1812, were interred at Les Invalides.
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