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The emblematic bull of Camargue
In Provençal, the term biòu means beef and characterizes the castrated bull used in the Camargue races. The presence of cattle in the Camargue region has been noted since ancient times. Unlike its Spanish cousin, the Camargue bull is smaller, nervous, and fast, and its dress is dark, usually black or sometimes dark brown. Its size rarely exceeds 4.3 ft (1.30 m) for males and 3.93 ft (1.20 m) for females, and it weighs between 660 and 990 lbs (300 and 450 kg) for males and 440 to 595 lbs (200 to 270 kg) for females. The Camargue bull's big and lively eyes are not covered with thick eyebrows like the Spanish bull's. Its fairly long horns are thin and blackish at the end, creamy white in the middle part, and dark gray and strong at the base.
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