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The oldest part of Martinique
With the Sainte-Anne peninsula to which it is connected by two lines of coral reefs, the Caravelle peninsula constitutes the oldest part of Martinique. Thirty million years ago, they both formed the extremities of what geologists call the Ancient Arc. The volcanic rocks of the Caravelle peninsula date from the end of the Oligocene (-25 million years) and the beginning of the Miocene (-20 million years). They correspond to submarine deposits and a few aerial lava flows of a basaltic to andesitic nature. The peninsula that culminates at 620 ft (189 m) at Morne Pavillon is punctuated by cliffs, small canyons, volcanic rocks, and a few draperies of limestone, calcite, and intersecting stratification figures. There are also traces of fossil thermo-mineral sources and magmatic intrusions in veins released by the erosion of the softer surrounding rocks.
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