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Kelingking Point, Nusa Penida
The difference with Kelingking Secret point is it’s not only an incredible view, but an adventure if you dare. Once you walk down from the parking area you get an entire view of the cliff and beach, as well as other view points and instagram worthy spots such as the tilted tree you can climb up. Once you walk to the t-rex view point, it’s up to you whether you want to venture further. There is a locally made railing down the cliff, that is very steep which allows access to almost half of the rock formation, then directly down to the beach. Most people only make it half way, as our tour guide wouldn’t even come to the bottom. I would advise rock climbing gear as the rest is dangerously steep with only a rope to keep your balance, but once you touch that untouched sand and crystal clear water it all becomes surreal. Up and down took around 1 and a half hours, including the breaks for photo-ops.
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