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Innovative market gardening
Traditional Martinican agriculture is the heiress of the Creole gardens that allowed the self-sufficiency of the families, only the surplus being sold. Over time, agricultural practices derived from the Creole garden have moved from a family to a professional food system. In 2010, 3,307 farms were listed in Martinique, and 750 additional farms operated on a non-professional basis. Beside the classic model based on the production of tubers (yam, dachine or cassava), structured models have developed around market gardening and the production of aromatic and medicinal plants, fruit trees, or Creole bananas. These vegetable crops are relatively innovative systems (compared to tuber systems) within which plants such as pumpkin, peppers, but also imported species (tomato, parsley, celery, etc.) are grown. The plots can contain a wide variety of crops (up to twenty) or juxtapose strips of different crops. The associations of species make it possible to optimize the space according to the seasonality of the crops and the staggering of the management of the cycles.
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