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Frequent changes of owners
The Léoube estate, bounded south for more than 1.8 miles (3 km) by the shore of the bay of Hyères, was part of the Marquisate of Brégançon located on the territory of the municipality of Bormes-les-Mimosas in the 16th century. Its owner François Bogogni handed it over to his son-in-law in 1619. In 1745, for lack of descendants, the estate returned to the French State, which gave it away to the creditors. It remained for nearly a century, from 1746 to 1840, in the Brémond family, renamed Brémond de Léoube, before being bought by Emile Gérard. In 1921, the estate of Léoube was put up for auction in the Toulon court with a starting price of one million francs.
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