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Fortress Bosiljevo
The old Bosiljevo fortress is located on a rock that falls steeply from the northeast to a small spring from which a stream flows through the plain to its abyss below the village of Korenići. Once upon a time there was a large lake that today is just a swamp. Around the castle there is a preserved park which has been a protected monument of horticultural architecture since 1974. Numerous generations of the Frankopan family ruled and lived in Bosiljevo for more than two centuries, and arranged it to be a beautiful castle worthy of their reputation and honor until the fateful April 30, 1671, when the last owner Fran Krsto Frankopan together with Peter Zrinski, beheaded in Vienna's New Town. The Frankopan lineage ended with his death. Seizure and looting destroyed the Frankopan wealth and economy in Bosiljevo. Thus, the most powerful and influential noble family in Croatia - the Frankopans, disappeared from the historical scene, along with another important and rich Zrinski family. Historians consider them the first victims of political violence that Croatia has suffered from a central political force. In this case by the Habsburgs.
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