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Make Martinique stand out on social media
Anse Michel in the Martinican municipality of Sainte-Anne has for some time hosted a bird's nest in which visitors come to photograph themselves. This giant nest made from lianas of cursed fig trees from the north of Martinique sits above the highly popular beach of Anse Michel. It is a true environmental and sustainable work of art made from a local and weather-resistant material devoid of any chemical treatment. This development intended to sublimate the landscape for pictures destined for social media is part of the achievements of Valorisation Martinique carried out by a team of young lovers of the island led by Christian Jean-Alphonse, better known under the pseudonym of Chris J-Hustler, the initiator of the concept. Like the bamboo raft installed at the Didier waterfall, the various swings by the sea at Le Marin, Anse Caritan, and Diamant beach, or even the plant heart of Le Carbet, the nest highlights the view of Anse Michel beach and makes the island stand out on social networks.
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