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Shaped by a romantic approach
At the start of the 20th century, Alfred Théodore Courmes placed his Rayol estate in the tradition of the romantic parks of the end of the 18th century and the gardens of the Italian Renaissance. He also developed there an exotic garden both evocative of his travels around the world and emblematic of the enthusiasm of the time for the acclimatization of tropical plants on the French Riviera. Today, the araucaria, eucalyptus, callistemons, acacias, palms, agaves, and prickly pears of the Domaine du Rayol testify to his will. As for the landscaping approach of the initial park, based on general maintenance of the indigenous landscape structures, subtly interrupted by micro gardens, a rose garden, beds of shrubs, or seasonal flowers, it is inspired by the mosaic design of the current Jardin des Méditerranées.
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