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Evolution of the statutes of Guédelon
In 2006, due to the importance of its constraints, the structure of the Guédelon site was no longer suitable. The construction site, therefore, changed status on January 1st to move from an association under the French Law of 1901, Guédelon Chantier Médiéval, to a SAS status (Simplified Joint Stock Company) The association sold to the SAS with variable capital Chantier Médiéval de Guédelon its business, construction, entertainment, shop, tavern, and visits. The shares of the company were divided between Michel Guyot (president), Maryline Martin (general manager), and the employees of the site. As for the association, it changed its name to become Les Amis du Chantier, kept the ownership of the land and the castle under construction, and receives rent paid by the SAS. Its role is now one of support and accompaniment. The status of volunteer - incompatible with a company - also evolved towards less of a vocation and a more regulated system, the heralds becoming builders.
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