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Erected like a temple
The Association for the Safeguarding and Promoting of the Upper-Marne Metallurgical Heritage (ASPM) created the Metallurgic Park in Dommartin-le-Franc. One of the association's objectives was to preserve the former factory's blast furnace, listed as a Historical Monument. It dates from 1834 and constitutes the centerpiece of the site that opened during the 15th century. It stands in the casting hall over 19 ft high (5.85 m) and 25.5 ft wide (7.80 m). Above the furnace, the throat by which it used to be loaded was reconstituted in 2000 and its 15 stone steps staircase rebuilt. A scenography shows all the stages of the casting process, from the loading of the blast furnace to a simulation of a casting flow.
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