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Different types of lasotè
Each type of lasotè - a collective and solidarity agricultural work practiced in Martinique - mutual aid has a different name depending on the work carried out. The main coups de mains (community activities) are the lasotè, the 'terrage kaï, the gragé manioc, the scieur de long, and the dansé kako. Always based on the same collective principle, they consist in plowing and furrowing the land, tamping the ground, waterproofing the walls, growing cassava and harvesting it to make flour, sawing tree trunks to make planks, glazing cocoa beans after drying them, etc. Thanks to the knowledge of the elders, the lasotè also allowed the resumption and cultivation of the old flagship productions of the North Caribbean such as cocoa, toloman, country coffee, dachines, and yams as well as the rehabilitation of plots of arable land left in semi-abandonment.
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