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Church of San Gian in Celerina, Switzerland
The Church of San Gian on a hill east of the village Celerina (Switzerland) is an Evangelical Reformed church, which is a landmark of Engadin and also adorns the logo of the parish association Il Binsaun. The current church building from 1478 is based on a late medieval Romanesque predecessor church, the structure of which can still be found today in the smaller of the two towers in the north of the facade. The striking late Gothic tower was badly damaged by a lightning strike in 1682. It was never completely renewed, but left in this roofless, monument-like state first for financial reasons and then for fundamental reasons. After the turmoil in Graubünden, San Gian was no longer used as a preaching church, but as a burial church, the last restoration of which took place in 1973–1980. The nave is exceptionally long with a fairly flat ceiling and merges into a square choir. This contains northern Italian wall paintings from the pre-Reformation period around 1480–1490 with motifs on the life and death of John the Baptist and on the baptism of Jesus Christ.
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