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Chiangmai temple
The temple "Wat Phra That Doi Suthep" is located on the hills of Chiang Mai, the biggest city in northern Thailand and second biggest of Thailand at all. It's the most sacred temple in that region and should enshrine a piece of Bhudda's bone in the golden Chedi (golden thing on the right). You reach this Wat (temple) by 306 steps staircase. You know what you've done after that ;-) The legend tells the bone of Bhudda was brought by a wandering monk from Sukhothai but it had been broken into two pieces at the base of the mountain. So one piece was enshrined down the hill in Wat Suan Dok. A set free white elephant (sacred animal supposed to belong to God Indra and is able to fly) than mounted the other half way up the hill with the objective of finding the right place for building up a new sacred temple to honor Bhudda. After three days he ended up on top hill where the hermit "Wasuthep" used to live. He trumpeted three times, get on his knees and unfortunately died. This was taken as a sign the right place had been found so Wat Phra Doi Suthep was founded on that ground.
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