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Bhutan - Land of the thunder dragon
Many may think of Bhutan as the kingdom frozen in the medieval ages. If they even heard of this little country in the Himalayan mountains. Surely wrong! . “For centuries, until the building of roads in the 1960 made the country accessible, Bhutan was known as the forbidden land. It’s isolation wasn’t deliberate political or historical choice, but more a consequence of its geography. As Captain Pemberton of the English East India company noted in 1938: ‘the whole of Bootan territory presents a succession of the most lofty and rugged mountains on surface of the earth ... . The consequence is that the Traveller appears to be shut out on every side from the rest of the world.’ “ (Treasures of the Thunder Dragon written by W. Wanggchugk - Queen Mother of Bhutan) How wrong he was!! Bhutan must be seen! It’s epic landscape from glacier lakes to snowy mountains to tropical areas: it has all! And on top comes a long history with still authentic and preserved monuments you won’t find anywhere else. People nowadays welcome foreigners with curiosity and huge respect. Hospitality in big letters. It’s even called the Last Shangri La - a fictional place, synonymous with any earthly paradise, particularly a mythical Himalayan utopia. . . I can’t agree more on this idea. Go and explore Bhutan. .
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