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Berner Münster, Switzerland
The Berner Münster (Bern Minster) is a Swiss Reformed cathedral in the old city of Bern, Switzerland. Built in the Gothic style, its construction started in 1421. Its tower, with a height of 100 meters, was only completed in 1893. It is the tallest cathedral in Switzerland and is a Cultural Property of National Significance. The largest bell in the tower is a 10.5 ton bell which was cast in 1611. It is the largest bell in Switzerland. The bells in the tower are rung daily at noon and at 6 p.m. The majority of the cathedral is built from local sandstone. The vaults are built of brick. In the 18th Century, limestone sheathing was added to the pillars. Most of the sandstone came from a quarry at nearby village of Ostermundingen. Additional material came from three other quarries, each with differing color and quality.
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