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At the heart of an ancient movement
Equidistant from the Rhône, the Alps, and the Mediterranean sea, Forcalquier extends at the heart of the continuous movement between upper and lower Provence which has punctuated the history of the populations and relentlessly seen the passing of harvesters, shepherds, peddlers, laborers, and servants transporting wood and cheese on the way out and salt and fish on the way back. Backed by the Lure chain and bordered by the Durance and Cavalon valleys, Forcalquier has always acted as a relay and a point of departure in this ancient swing. Its territory is crossed diagonally by the Via Domitia (Domitian Way), the main axis of Romanization between Italy and Spain from the 2nd century, which also served for Christianization. Still articulated around its central part, Forcalquier is today one of the smallest sub-prefectures in France, but nonetheless hosts one of the largest markets in all of Provence.
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