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Antroni church
The Byzantine church of St. Anargyri has unique and remarkable frescoes. One of the frescoes of the church is Saint Andrew’s Dog (St. Christophoros), represents a Saint with a hound’s head and a human body. Next to it, there is a hagiography unfamiliar to the orthodox and Catholic churches under the title “Kyno-viharis“. Among the frescoes in the middle and right of the church there is Saint Christopher the Reservoir, with a dog’s head (probably a hunter) holding a cross in his right hand. It seems that the temple was an ancient breed of dogs ensuring food for the inhabitants, therefore they sanctified them. But it may well have been built on a pre-existing temple in an ancient cemetery. There is no more known information by the university community and the state, but the monument has been characterized as Byzantine antiquity.
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