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A symbol of the influence of the Depaz family
Occupied by the Depaz family until the mid-1980s, Château Depaz was built near Saint-Pierre (Martinique) from 1917 to 1922 by Victor Depaz, the creator of Depaz rums. A witness to the site's intense activity, the imposing neoclassical building now contributes to the reputation of Depaz agricultural rums and offers visitors a glimpse of the way of life of their founder. Several rooms - the smoking room, the games room, Victor Depaz's office, the dining room, and the archive room - are now open to visitors. They allow understanding how Victor Depaz, decorated with the Legion of Honor by President René Coty, developed his activity and conducted his business. The castle's dining room, majestic both in terms of dimensions and for the spectacular view it offers of the Caribbean Sea, enabled him to receive eminent personalities residing on the island or passing through.
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