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A square tower protecting the Vieux-Port
Also known as the Tour Carrée (Square Tower), the Tour du Roi René was built by order of the eponymous king between 1447-1453 on the site of the Tour Maubec, destroyed in 1423 during the looting of Marseille by the Aragonese. The Tour Maubec, linked to the Tour Saint-Nicolas by a chain of 226 large rings, allowed controlling the entrance to the port of Marseille; a mission better assured by the Tour Carrée designed by the engineers Jean Pardo and Jean Robert. With a height of 93.5 ft (28.50 m), made up of four rooms served by a staircase of 147 steps and terminated by a roof terrace of 590 sq ft (180 m²), it is today integrated into Fort Saint-Jean. The monument hosts temporary exhibitions of the MuCEM, the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations.
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