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A species endemic to the Lesser Antilles
Present on the majority of the islands of the Lesser Antilles from where it is endemic, the Madeira hummingbird (Eulampis jugularis) mainly frequents forest areas and plantations but also semi-open areas, depending on the availability of food resources. It is observed at forest edges and on treetops in primary and secondary forests, from sea level up to 2,624 / 3,937 ft (800 / 1200 m) of altitude. Resident in its range, it performs some altitudinal movements. Very territorial, the female defends the nest and the juveniles within a zone of 32.8 ft (10 m) around the nest, while the male defends his favorite flowers and his feeding area. Coeur Bouliki, in Martinique, is an ideal habitat for Madeira hummingbirds.
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