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A showcase masterpiece from a major lace house ?
This detail of the bridal veil, the centerpiece of the Musée des Beaux-Arts et de la Dentelle (Museum of Fine Arts and Lace) of Alençon, allows appreciating the details of a unique piece that covers all the lace-making know-how over 23 square ft (7 m²). This veil, whose origins are still unknown, could have been designed as a showcase masterpiece of a great 19th-century lace-making house such as Lefèbure or Huignard. The hypotheses are multiple and must be refined, but some, such as that of an order from a European royal court or a rich aristocratic family, have already been ruled out for lack of coats of arms present in the drawn patterns. According to the curator of the museum, the veil may never have draped a bride but have had the sole purpose of being a marketing tool.
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