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A marine plant with multiple properties
Glasswort is an edible marine plant of the genus Salicornia (from sal, salt, and cornu, horn). This low, fleshy, annual halophyte plant of the Amaranthaceae family grows on sea salt-rich soils of sandy-muddy shorelines. Harvested from May to late August, it turns red beyond this date and takes on too much salt to be eaten. Its tender sprouts are edible raw or cooked and are quite similar to green beans. They can be prepared in salads or omelets or kept in vinegar like gherkins for longer storage. Consumed for decades, in particular to fight scurvy, glasswort is rich in vitamins (C and A), trace elements, iodine, and mineral salts (magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, bromine, silicon).
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