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A haven on the Atlantic coast of Martinique
Baie du Robert forms on the eastern coast of Martinique an almost closed body of water oriented east-west. Four miles (6.5 km) long by 1.8 miles (3 km) wide, it opens onto the Atlantic to the east between Ti-Piton and Chardon islets via a 2,952 ft (900 m) wide and approximately 65 ft (20 m) deep pass. This bay with a coast highly indented by numerous tips and limited by Pointe Savane to the north and Pointe La Rose to the south has ten islets of varying sizes: Petit Piton, Chancel, Petite Martinique, La Grotte, Loup Garou, Petit Vincent, aux Rats, à Eau, Madame, and finally Boisseau, completely prohibited to visitors. A set of reefs located 2.1 miles (3.5 km) from the coast and aligned on a north-south axis protects it against the ocean swell. The town of Le Robert is nestled in the heart of a green and mountainous hinterland at the bottom of Baie du Robert considered one of the most beautiful in the Caribbean.
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