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A bridge haunted by the Devil
The Valentré bridge was started in 1308 but was slow to finish. In 1345, the Consuls of Cahors asked for a new architect, but the work was still dragging on. Legend says that he would have asked for the Devil's help in exchange for his soul once the work would be completed. Faced with a never-ending bridge, the furious Devil would come ripping stones every night since. Finally completed in 1378, the 564 ft (172 m) long bridge includes eight arches and three towers that culminate at 131 ft (40 m). It was restored in 1879 by Paul Gout, who added a carved stone of the Devil trying to tear one off at the top of the central tower. Listed by UNESCO on the World Heritage List under the roads of Santiago de Compostela since 1998, the Valentré bridge has been pedestrian since 1995.
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