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Reintroduction in progress
It disappeared from the country in the 1950s. The West african crocodile is currently being reintroduced to its country of origin. Two individuals, a male and a female, are currently in transit from France to Morocco. The animals were born in Chad and had resided for several years in the Parc de la Tête d'Or in Lyon (France). They will be placed in a Moroccan zoo. Ultimately, the goal is to reintroduce the generations from this pair of crocodiles in gueltas in the south, near Oued Draâ (southern Morocco), where the species once existed. Shorter than its Nil cousin (5 meters), the Western African crocodile can measure up 2,50 meters. On the shore, it is mainly still warming up, but it can move to more than 18.6 mph.
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