The Explorers
The Explorers is a team of professionals creating the Earth inventory of natural and human heritages, available on all your devices in the highest standards (4K HDR and 8K HDR) Know better to protect better
A video offer to support our actions to protect the Earth

Thank you! You will be informed as soon as the subscription is available. Release this winter!

The Explorers Foundation
The Explorers is committed to financially support actions that protect the earth.
Become an Explorer
The Explorers is the collaborative app to create the earth inventory of our heritages. Add your photos and videos, connect with a community of experts and passionate on our website or download the app!

Earth Inventory

A committed global media devoted to the Earth Inventory: Documentary movies in HD, 4K and 8K broadcasted worldwide / A 4K and 8K channel dedicated to connected TV sets / A 4K application on AppleTV / A contributive website and mobile apps (iOS, Android and Huawei) in 17 languages.
A passionate community
A free and ad-free community platform that invites everyone to become an Explorer by contributing to the Earth Inventory.
The Explorers Foundation
Commitment to financially support field actions for the protection of our Planet.